These are one of the finest, budget-priced gutter guards available. The tear-drop shaped perforations break up water beads, unlike circles which have a tendency to clog and block water from entering the gutter. Simply stated, New Wave gutter guards outperform the competition in productivity and functionality. The 4' length is easily handled for fast installation. When properly installed with with a 7o to 15o slope, leaves, twigs, oak tassels and other debris are blocked and run off the wave-shaped, textured surface.

The patented (No. 8,250,813) Tear-drop shaped perforations prevent water beads from blocking flow in gutters.

  • Rigid .019-Gauge Aluminum
  • Handles 40 Gallons of Water per Minute
  • Tear-Drop Perforation
  • Available in 5” and 6”


  • To complete the installation, Leaf Solution offers a variety of miters and 5” and 6” gutter installations, as well as, downspout caps and end caps.
  • For maintaining and periodic cleaning any accumulation on the gutter guard’s surface, the Leaf Solution WAND generates a high-velocity water spray using standard pressure from a garden hose.
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The Best Gutter Protection System on the Market!